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Fresh air and immense outdoor activities inspire children to have active fun. Part of having great outdoor activities for children is ensuring them a space to have fun, play, and enjoy. Jacksonville Safety Surfacing comes as the company will install a synthetic turf playground safety surfacing The synthetic turf has a lot of benefits to everyone who enjoys having the playground. Here are some of the advantages that you may benefit from when using synthetic turf safety surfaces.

Jacksonville Safety Surfacing-Playground Safety Surfacing

A well-designed safety surface playground creates the idea of having in the residents surrounding the facility. A synthetic Playground Safety Surfacing gives everyone a chance to have fun. The synthetic surface provides excellent access to your playground. Someone using a wheelchair may not access an ordinary playground as the surface is crumbly and bumpy. Synthetic grass is an ideal solution when designing an accessible playground that is inclusive for everyone. This means that children living with disabilities are more concerned, and they can have fun too.

Playground installed with artificial grass observes the cleanness and tidiness of children. They will play without being muddy or splashed by running water as the surface is porous, draining all the rainwater. A regular playground is mainly affected by the weather during rainy seasons; the surface becomes muddy, making it unsuitable for children. They can end up becoming muddy and messy. A synthetic surface is easy to clean and is free from bacteria and crawling insects.

Synthetic grass can take long without showing or indicating any signs of tearing and shearing. The materials used in manufacturing artificial grass are durable and can be used in various ways. The product is stuffy in that it cannot be easily scratched. They impress for a long time, giving out the green vicinity. You can save money by installing a synthetic grass safety surface playground as you will not incur extra expenses in maintaining the surface.

When you choose synthetic grass for your safe surface, you reduce your budget on maintenance cost, and also it is cheap in installation. No need to worry about the expenses in maintenance routines as it comes with a long-term warranty. Cleaning the surface is made more manageable, and you can manage on yourself, thus saving the cost of hiring intensive labor. The cleaning activity is faster and does not take much of your time.

Synthetic grass is resistant to weather conditions. The safety surface can withstand harsh environmental factors without wearing out. They are water-resistant and permeable, meaning that they cannot retain water on their surface, making them suitable for children to play on. During summer, it withstands the intense sunshine rays as it does not crack or peel out. Extreme cold or heat does not damage the surface.

The playground is a common leisure spot for both kids and adults. People love to visit the playgrounds, and kids run, enjoy on the swings, and spend a good amount of time there. Hence, it becomes a highly important responsibility to make sure kids’ safety is not compromised at the playground. This is where playground surfacing comes in. Many types of materials provide playground safety surfacing, generally composed of rubber. Jacksonville safety surfacing is a well-renowned organization providing the best quality safety surfacing services to people. We can assist you with every issue you face regarding safety surfacing. 

Safety surfacing materials

Jacksonville Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Grass
Jacksonville Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber

How much does the safety surfacing cost?

The answer to this is that there is no defined value for the cost of safety surfacing. It’s because the cost of surfacing can vary widely from project to project and depends on several factors:

  • ADA Accessibility Requirements
  • Critical Fall Height
  • Type of Subfloor
  • Type of Surfacing
  • Size of Playground Structure and Measurements

It’s a known fact that every new playground situation is unique; we can present you with custom quotes based on the type of surfacing you choose and the total square foot of the area to be covered.

Why choose Jacksonville Safety surfacing for various safety surfacing services?

At our organization, the experts and professionals are working for a long time period. People trust for various reasons mainly because we provide products that are superior in quality in basic price ranges.

There are different types of safety surfacing materials that are available in different types of designs and options. Here you will experience a personalized approach wherein we make sure that the design and pattern suits you and you feel glad about it. You must grab the opportunity to work with experts in such an affordable price range.

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